Why Preplanning a Funeral and Cremation in Franklinton, LA, Makes Sense

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Thinking about your mortality can be a bit disconcerting for most of us. However, death will eventually happen, and like most things, a little forethought can go a long way in easing stress when difficult situations arise. You can leave a meaningful parting gift for your family by making simple or detailed plans regarding your desires for a funeral and cremation in Franklinton, LA. There are multiple ways to approach this pre-arrangement planning. You could work with preplanning forms online or make an appointment in person through your chosen funeral home.

Beyond selecting things, such as if you’d like to be buried in a casket or cremated and scattered, there are several other ways to prepare for your eventual passing. Purchase relevant life insurance policies, especially if you are still healthy enough to qualify for them. If you are a frequent traveler or have an upcoming trip, consider purchasing a travel protection plan. This can be an enormous support if a death occurs internationally.

Bringing home a deceased person is a process that understandably is carefully regulated. Repatriation, which encompasses this traveling process to return a decedent to their country, can feel overwhelming to grieving family members. Your experienced funeral provider will be able to help your family navigate this delicate process as efficiently as possible so that your body can be laid to rest in the desired place.

Another aspect of preplanning you may be interested in working out is the final disposition site. A cemetery is a beautiful option. You can purchase one or multiple plots ahead of time if you would like family members to be placed near each other as the need arises. Cremated and casketed bodies can be buried in the earth or above ground in mausoleum or columbarium structures.

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Full Provider of Funeral and Cremation in Franklinton, LA, Can Ease Planning Stress

For immediate needs or preplanning options, finding a provider who can deliver various service options and packages for a funeral and cremation in Franklinton, LA, is helpful. With immediate needs, you’ll need to minimize the number of phone calls and coordination of services because your time and capacity may be limited. However, this should not limit your choices for services that best meet your needs. When preplanning, you’ll also want to complete the process as soon as possible so you can check it off your to-do list.

Understanding Some Important Aspects of Funeral and Cremation Services

Funeral services have been happening for centuries. The opportunity for mourners to gather and pay final respects, remember the person who has passed, and lay them to rest can be an experience that helps the bereaved eventually heal after loss. The body can be prepared for public viewing through embalming, or the family may opt to keep the body enclosed in the casket throughout services. Funerals offer that reality-affirming moment that can help us move past denial and shock, which is a common reaction in the initial stages of grief.

Cremation is another avenue that can be used to prepare final remains. Each body is readied for flame cremation by cleaning and dressing as desired, then incinerating it in an enclosed, secure furnace chamber. This retort chamber is only used for one body at a time. There are careful protocols and regulations which make it easy for the provider to verify and secure the identity of each set of remains throughout each step of the procedure.

Once the burning is complete, some bone matter fragments will be left. These calcified bone portions are hard and dry—no longer prone to decomposition. The bones will be texturized into tiny grains and shards, often called ‘ashes.’ Cremation can occur before, during, or after commemorative services take place. If no services are offered to the public or a large family gathering, you could have the body cremated directly to care for the remains in a health-conscious and timely way.

Sourcing Necessary Merchandise and Meaningful Mementos

Another way a full-service funeral home can assist is by offering you access to a range of needed funerary products. Whatever route you choose, you’ll likely need a containment system for the remains. Caskets come in various sizes, colors, and fabrication options. Urns can also be highly customized. Other meaningful tokens and memorabilia can be ordered to support mourners and next of kin through the transition of losing a loved one. Consider ordering copies of the honoring service records to rewatch later, as well as bookmarks and memory books.

Plan for Urgent or Future Needs with the Support of Caring Experts

No matter what stage of the planning process you are currently at, the licensed and caring experts at Brown-McGehee Funeral Home are ready to help. As you work through the process of planning final arrangements like a funeral and cremation in Franklinton, LA, partner yourself with this qualified and trusted firm. Call (985) 732-7155 to see our facilities at 610 Avenue F, Bogalusa, LA 70427.

Funeral Home & Cremations FAQs

Can I design my own funeral?

Create everlasting memories and design a lasting legacy - by planning your own funeral. Take control of one of the most significant events in life, to ensure that it reflects who you are and what should be remembered about your journey. Put together an experience for those attending with music, readings, decorations, or other elements which will make their farewell special — honoring them as well as yourself when saying goodbye.

What is the most popular type of funeral?

The most popular type of funeral is traditional viewing or visitation followed by a burial. This funeral arrangement allows people to pay their respects to the deceased through an open-casket viewing and say goodbye in a physical space before the body is laid to rest. Visitation can take on many forms, such as wake services, religious ceremonies, and more informal gatherings where friends and family may share stories about the deceased. It’s also common for visitors to bring personal items or mementos that are later placed with the body prior to burial.

What are the benefits of planning ahead?

When you plan ahead of time, it comes with a lot of benefits. You can achieve success in many areas of your life, like school or work. Planning ahead allows you to set goals, figure out problems early, have more control over resources and time, and make better decisions. When we plan ahead we can think about our options more carefully. This helps us choose the best option to get the results that we want. For example, if you are thinking about changing your job or working on a new project, it is a good idea to learn about the industry first. That way you will know what to expect and be more successful.