How and Why to Look into Preplanning for a Funeral and Cremation in Covington, LA

At Brown-McGehee Funeral Home, we take pride in our long-term commitment to providing quality care for those experiencing loss. Since its founding in 1933, we have been independently managed and owned, bringing a personal touch to our funeral and cremation services in Covington, LA. We understand the importance of upholding trust and creating an atmosphere of compassion during this most difficult time; it is why community members have looked to us for more than 78 years. Our vision is to continue offering excellent services with sincerity and respect that will surpass every expectation. We firmly believe in ensuring each family finds peace as they remember their beloved ones. Grieving the loss of a dear family member or friend can be devastating but honoring their legacy and celebrating all the joyous moments shared is an empowering way to heal. Get quick, professional help right away! Give us a call at 985-732-7155.

Maybe you haven't thought about it before, but there are compelling reasons to consider final preplanning arrangements for service options, such as a funeral and cremation in Covington, LA. There are many potential decisions to make in a short amount of time after someone passes away. Having some of these taken care of can help. Preplanning brings peace of mind to the one who sets the arrangements in place and to the family members who will benefit from having these preferences known and decided before they are needed.

Beyond deciding if you want your body to be embalmed or cremated, there are other ways you can prepare and protect the interests of your family and the closest relations regarding your death. Purchase necessary insurance coverages, including life insurance policies, death care policies, burial insurance, etc. If you tend to travel a great deal, consider purchasing coverage with travel protection plans to help your family recover your remains if you pass away in another country.

The process of repatriation refers to returning a deceased person to their country of origin. If you are a traveler, this is an integral part of your preplanning discussions. There can be some red tape as this is highly regulated. Any solutions your family can utilize to see you safely home for final disposition will likely be a balm in a troubling time. A competent full-service funeral home can also be a fantastic advocate in this process, handling the details and keeping loved ones informed along the way.

You might also consider where you would like your final remains to be laid to rest. For many, a cemetery is a wonderful solution. Both casketed and cremated remains can be placed at a cemetery or memorial park. Some cemeteries have options for above-ground burial in mausoleum or columbarium spaces.

Purchase burial space now to alleviate one more concern for your surviving family. Discover what is available in your area and if you have an opinion. Then make your wishes known in you preplans. If your family would benefit from eventually having multiple plots together, ask about family estates or packages allowing you to buy sites near one another. Visit the cemetery and be sure it will meet your family's needs for accessibility, environment, and affordability.

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Complete Panel of Service Packages for a Funeral and Cremation in Covington, LA

Making pre-need arrangements for final service options surrounding death care, such as a funeral and cremation in Covington, LA, is best accomplished through a funeral provider you trust. When looking for a provider, consider choosing a full-service funeral home. This type of provider offers multiple solutions for final arrangements. That can make it easy to arrange everything needed through one firm. During the difficult time of a loved one's passing, this will ease the stress of those tasked with designing the final details.

A Few Things to Remember About Funeral Services: The deceased's body is a prominent part of funeral services, even if the casket remains closed. Funerals are typically offered as soon as possible after the death occurs. This is mainly so the remains can be cared for and laid to rest sooner than later. Bodies that are embalmed may be kept in cold storage safely for a longer duration if more time is needed. However, storing deceased remains can be costly, so having a final disposition may be necessary for your family sooner than later.

More About Cremation Services: Alternatively, the body can be prepared with cremation for final disposition. A cremation procedure produces a much smaller collection of remains than a full-sized corpse. The cremated body is also stable, meaning it is no longer prone to the effects of decay. This final state means the ashen remains can be scattered in nature, buried in a cemetery, or kept close to home in a secure urn. Cremation can be arranged with or without a public service attached.

Getting Funerary Merchandise and Options to Order Meaningful Tokens of Remembrance

Sometimes it's the little things that mean a lot. Your chosen funeral home will be able to help with important needed components like caskets, urns, vaults, and other essential death care merchandise. Mementos can also be ordered at the time of death to support bereaved family and friends. These could be simple tokens, such as bookmarks, or more detailed offerings, like memory books and commemorative service records. Other options may include fingerprint or cremation jewelry, ornaments, or small figurines for display.

Professional Support for Death Care Arrangements at Any Phase of Planning

At any phase of death care planning for a funeral and cremation in Covington, LA, reach out to the industry experts at Brown-McGehee Funeral Home. Come and see our warmly welcoming facilities at 610 Avenue F, Bogalusa, LA 70427 by calling (985) 732-7155 for an appointment or to retain immediate service.

Funeral Home & Cremations FAQs

What is a life tribute at a funeral?

A life tribute at a funeral also called a eulogy, is when one or more people speak about the person who has died and express their respects. The speaker will share memories of their experiences with the deceased person, talk about some of their accomplishments or traits, and express condolences to those close to the deceased who are grieving. These tributes give friends and family members an opportunity to remember someone fondly while expressing gratitude for all they have done - creating a moment in time where death is not feared but instead seen as part of a greater journey towards something beautiful. Learn more here!

What is the most common grief response?

The most common grief response is typically referred to as “normal” or “typical” grief. This type of grief involves the following emotional reactions: shock and disbelief, sadness, guilt, anger, and despair. While these feelings can vary in intensity and duration for individuals who are grieving a loss, they are extremely common to experience before coming to terms with the situation.

Do people heal from grief?

Absolutely. Although grief is a natural response to loss and can be profoundly painful, it is an essential part of healing and ultimately moving on. The grieving process is unique to every individual, so there's no set timeline for how long it should take or what specific steps someone should go through when coping with grief.