Preplanning Considerations and Protections Related to a Funeral and Cremation in Bogalusa, LA

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“Preplanning” is a service to help you describe what you would like to occur upon your death regarding the care of your remains and honoring your memory. It may not be on the list of first things you want to think about, but a bit of forethought with final arrangements, such as a funeral and cremation in Bogalusa, LA, can go a long way. Of course, if you make no plans for these eventualities, your family will still be responsible for caring for these arrangements. Why not help them instead of leaving them to guess?

In addition to making important distinctions, such as how your body should be prepared or not prepared for final disposition, you can also put essential protections in place to ease stress for your family whenever your death might occur. This can include important instruments like life insurance, burial insurance, and prepaid options for final services. If you travel or have plans to travel, consider buying travel protection plans which can be helpful when death occurs abroad. Transporting deceased remains is a highly regulated process. In most instances, the body must be embalmed to ensure the remains are stable enough to travel long distances.

Choosing your preferred final resting place, such as a cemetery or burial park, is worthwhile. This can be a discussion you have with your closest relatives since they may also have opinions on this matter or wish to be laid to rest by you when that time arrives. Preplanning can extend to cemetery planning with the prepurchase of plot or crypt spaces for yourself and additional sites for your loved ones if desired. Choose a cemetery that makes the process easy, has an environment that resonates with you, and has the site availability you are looking for.

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A Full-Service Firm Offers Both Funeral and Cremation in Bogalusa, LA

A comprehensive funerary provider offers a range of solutions for death care needs, including funeral and cremation in Bogalusa, LA. When selecting which funerary firm you will work with for preplanning final arrangements, one of the best ways to simplify the process is to hire a full-service firm. This is particularly supportive if you want some flexibility built into your plans.

Complete or Streamlined Funeral Services: A funeral service is a ceremony steeped in tradition, with all the options you might need to modernize or simplify the plans. Funerals are centered around the decedent’s remains, usually casketed for the services. The chance to have a public viewing where final respects can be paid, and mourners can “say goodbye” is very supportive to some families. However, viewing is not vital to the funeral process. A closed casket visitation with the family may be a better solution for your needs. A simple funeral without other attendant services could be the right option.

Prepare Remains with Cremation Services: If you want to avoid a full-sized casket burial for your final disposition, consider having your body cremated. The cremation process is often less costly than a full-service funeral package since there is less overall handling of the corpse. The body is cleaned, dressed if desired, and placed in a lightweight cremation container.

This filled container is loaded into the furnace chamber, where intense heat is applied, and the remains are vaporized through flame exposure. Only bone fragments too hard to burn will be left. These bones are granularized into tiny pieces, commonly called ashes. Cremation is a secure process that can only be legally performed for one body at a time. Ask the provider what steps they take to ensure a transparent and secure process.

Merchandise and Memorializing Mementos

Some details of arrangement planning, such as necessary merchandise purchases, can be picked out and funded ahead of time. You can choose your preferred caskets, urns, burial vaults, headstones, etc. Of course, you could also pay for an allowance on these items—inviting your family to make the final distinctions when more is known about the timing and manner of your death.

Consider other parting gifts that your loved ones may value, such as souvenirs like memory books, commemorative bookmarks, ornaments, jewelry, accessories, or other tokens that may support those grieving your passing. Yes, we hold final arrangements to honor the life that has been lived. But for those who survive a loss, the ceremony and details surrounding final arrangements can be critical to the healing journey.

Reach Out at Any Stage of Planning for Compassionate Assistance

If time is on your side and you can consider putting preplans in place for your future needs surrounding a funeral and cremation in Bogalusa, LA, don’t hesitate. This thoughtful parting gift can be put together while you are of sound mind and can make your wishes known. The professional teams at Brown-McGehee Funeral Home can help with a complete range of death care needs for future or present circumstances. See us at 610 Avenue F, Bogalusa, LA 70427, or by calling (985) 732-7155 for the next steps.

Funeral Home & Cremations FAQs

What is it called when you plan your funeral in advance?

Making decisions and arrangements for a funeral in advance of your passing is becoming increasingly popular in the US. This practice, known as 'preplanning,' allows you to shape nearly every aspect of your service - from selecting caskets or urns to picking pallbearers, memorial music or readings; even writing one's own eulogy. Pre-need planning gives peace of mind that whatever final wishes are laid out will be carried out accordingly after death.

What is the difference between a mortuary and a funeral home?

Although mortuaries and funeral homes provide similar services related to death care, there are subtle nuances that separate one from the other. Mortuaries have licensed staff who specialize in arranging funerals and assisting with any additional needs for those mourning a loss such as organizing viewings or transportation of their loved ones' remains. On the other hand, funeral homes can be more focused on preparing bodies for burial through cremation or embalming duties along with providing general assistance throughout all stages of grief-related activities required after a passing has occurred.

How do I prepare for a funeral checklist?

Here is a checklist of things to do to prepare for a funeral: get the paperwork ready; choose who will help plan the service; decide what you want at the service; figure out how you want to remember the person who died (for example, by cremation or burial); and make sure all the payments are taken care of.